Dragonlance 2003 - 2007


Corenthalas… Corenthalas… Wake up my dear…

Young elven priest, Corenthalas Illumadir, stirred in his bed, shifting from his back to his left side. The voice must have been part of a dream, he thought to himself, his eyes still shut. Only a dream…but the voice returned in his head.

I’m truly sorry, my dear, but this is not a dream…I need you…

Through the darkness of his dreamless sleep came the apparition of a fair-skinned human woman. Her eyes were as blue as an afternoon sky, her long, golden wavy hair shone by some unknown source of light. Her body was encased in an elegant, flowing solid blue gown. She carried in her hands a staff made of blue crystal, a mythical artifact that was well known of to all of her followers.

Her expression was serious, with a slight tinge of concern. Corenthalas thought he even caught a glimpse of fear in her eyes, though just for a split second. With the presence of her in his mind, her voice came stronger, grabbing his attention easily.

I need you Corenthalas… There are many people in Northern Ergoth who suffer… It is nothing compared to what will happen if we do not help them… They have forgotten us, my dear… Show them that we are still here… Show them that they are not lost…

Corenthalas returned to sleep. He had listened to his goddess speak to him, but he could not help himself but to drift off again.


This time startled by her musical voice, Corenthalas jumped out of bed, rolling to the tree branch floor of his simple home. Lying on his back, he propped himself up on his hands and opened his almond shaped eyes. His goddess, The Blue Lady Herself, Mishakal, floated above him just as she had appeared in his sleep.

You must go to Northern Ergoth and help the people… There is no one else who can do this… It must be you… Show them that the Gods are still here… Give them something to believe in… Something is going to happen there… If we fail, they will all be lost…

Her image slowly faded away, darkness fell upon Corenthalas’ tree house once again. He still lay on the floor. Looking to his bed, he could see the heat rising from it where he had just been resting. He sighed in relief and slumped back to the floor, trying to make some sense of what had just happened to him. He had served Mishakal for many years. He had seen many of his prayers answered, her powers bestowed upon him and wielded through him. Never had he received a vision from her. He wondered if one of the local wizards had been playing a trick on him for fun, but the pulsating blue glow from his medallion of faith made him realize that he truly had been called into service by his Goddess.

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