Welcome to Jamezinho’s Dragonlance campaign!

This story is based on a campaign that was run over the course of more than four years. It begins with the formation of the adventuring party in the capital of Northern Ergoth. The party members have a common goal: to seek riches, power and fame (yes, in that order by my perception).

During their adventures, they discover the corruption of the Imperial Senate. Before they can attempt to do something about it, a part of the Red Wing of Takhisis’ Dragonarmy comes crashing down on the unsuspecting empire and crushes it in less than a week.

The adventuring party narrowly avoids the Ergothian Empire’s fate, and finds itself enthralled in a holy quest to return the power of the gods of light to the world, and overthrow the tyranny wrought upon their continent of Ansalon by The Dark Queen’s Dragonarmy before its masters can bring Her into the world to rule it for Her own.

Dragonlance 2003 - 2007

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